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Airtel DTH Channel List With Number And Price – 2023 Updated

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Airtel DTH offers a plethora of DTH channels that have content across a variety of genres. From music and informational channels to news and entertainment channels, Airtel has got it all. You will also find Airtel TV channels in different languages such as Hindi, English, Kannada and more. Without further ado, let us take a look at the Airtel channel list below. And if you haven’t done your Airtel DTH recharge, then what are you waiting for? Get it done right away!

Recharge your Airtel DTH connection now and never miss a moment of your favourite shows and movies!


List of Airtel DTH channel numbers and price

Recharge your Airtel DTH connection now and never miss a moment of your favourite shows and movies!

Airtel DTH – Assamese Channel Number With Price

Looking for the list of Airtel DTH Assamese channel numbers and their prices? Here is the DTH channel list you were looking for:

Channel NoChannel NamePrice + Tax
640News18 Assam North-East₹ 0.11

Airtel DTH – Bengali Channel List

Here is the Airtel DTH channel list for all the Bengali channels that you can get with your Airtel DTH connection. It includes Colors Channel in Bengali, Zee in Bengali and many more.

Channel No.Channel NamePrice + Tax
703ZEE BANGLA₹ 22.42
704Zee Bangla HD₹ 22.42
706Colors Bangla HD₹ 16.52
707Star Jalsha₹ 22.42
708STAR JALSHA HD₹ 22.42
710Sony 8₹ 6.49
717Zee Bangla Cinema₹ 11.80
719Jalsha Movies₹ 17.70
721Colors Bangla Cinema₹ 1.18
723Zee 24 Ghanta₹ 0.11
725News18 Bangla₹ 0.11

Airtel DTH – English Channel List

The Airtel DTH English channel list has some of the best English entertainment, news, and movie channels. Here is the Airtel DTH English channel list that you were looking for:

Channel No.Channel NamePrice + Tax
168ZEE CAFE₹ 11.80
169ZEE CAFE HD₹ 11.80
175Comedy Central₹ 5.90
177Disney International HD₹ 16.52
243STAR MOVIES₹ 22.42
244Star Movies HD₹ 22.42
247PIX₹ 11.80
248Sony Pix HD₹ 22.42
249Movies Now₹ 11.80
250MOVIES NOW HD₹ 14.16
251Star Movies Select HD₹ 22.42
252MN+₹ 9.44
253Romedy Now₹ 5.90
255&Flix₹ 17.70
256&Flix HD₹ 22.42
261MNX₹ 5.90
262MNX HD₹ 10.62
265&Prive HD₹ 7.08
387TIMES NOW₹ 2.95
388Times Now World HD₹ 3.54
389NDTV 24×7₹ 3.54
390CNN News 18₹ 0.59
391INDIA TODAY₹ 1.77
394Mirror Now₹ 0.59
395WION₹ 1.18
396CNBC TV18₹ 4.72
397ET NOW₹ 2.36
398NDTV Profit Prime₹ 1.18
402CNN International₹ 2.36

Airtel DTH – Gujarati Channel List

Looking for the Airtel DTH Gujarati channel list? Here it is:

Channel No.Channel NamePrice + Tax
580Colors Gujarati Cinema₹ 1.18
582News18 Gujarati₹ 0.11
584CNBC Bajar₹ 1.18
587Zee 24 Kalak₹ 0.11
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Airtel DTH – Hindi Channel List

Looking for the Airtel DTH Hindi channel list that has all the entertainment, news, movies and more channels for you? Here is the complete list:

Channel No.Channel NamePrice + Tax
105STAR PLUS₹ 22.42
106Star Plus HD₹ 22.42
108ZEE TV₹ 22.42
109ZEE TV HD₹ 22.42
111SONY₹ 22.42
112SONY HD₹ 22.42
114Star Bharat₹ 14.16
115Star Bharat HD₹ 22.42
116COLORS₹ 22.42
117Colors HD₹ 22.42
119ANDTV₹ 7.08
120AND TV HD₹ 22.42
124Big Magic₹ 0.11
126SONY SAB₹ 22.42
127Sony SAB HD₹ 22.42
128Colors Rishtey₹ 1.18
129STAR UTSAV₹ 0.59
131Sony Pal₹ 0.59
134BINDASS₹ 0.11
135Investigation Discovery₹ 1.18
136Investigation Discovery HD₹ 2.36
138Epic₹ 5.90
139Zee Anmol₹ 0.11
140ISHARA TV₹ 5.90
201SET MAX₹ 17.70
202SONY MAX HD₹ 22.42
203ZEE CINEMA₹ 22.42
204Zee Cinema HD₹ 22.42
205STAR GOLD₹ 22.42
206Star Gold HD₹ 22.42
207Star Gold 2₹ 2.36
208Star Gold Select HD₹ 9.44
209Sony Max 2₹ 1.18
211andpictures₹ 11.80
212andpictures HD₹ 22.42
213Star Gold Romance1₹ 2.36
214Star Gold 2 HD₹ 4.72
215Zee Bollywood₹ 3.54
216Zee Action₹ 0.11
217Star Gold Thrills2₹ 2.36
219Colors Cineplex₹ 3.54
224Sony Wah₹ 0.59
226Colors Cineplex Superhits₹ 0.11
228Zee Anmol Cinema₹ 0.11
232Zee Classic₹ 0.11
233Star Gold Select₹ 8.26
235&Xplor HD₹ 4.72
239Colors Cineplex HD₹ 5.90
311ZEE NEWS₹ 0.11
313AAJ TAK₹ 0.88
314Aaj Tak HD₹ 2.36
317NDTV India₹ 1.18
318News18 India₹ 0.11
319Zee Hindustan₹ 0.11
322Good News Today₹ 0.29
324Times Now Navbharat HD₹ 1.77
329CNBC AWAAZ₹ 0.11
332ET Now Swadesh₹ 1.18
335News18 Rajasthan₹ 0.11
336Zee Rajasthan News₹ 0.11
337News18 Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand₹ 0.11
341News18 MP Chhattisgarh₹ 0.11
343Zee MPCG₹ 0.11
351Zee UP UK₹ 0.11
566News18 Punjab Haryana₹ 0.11
653Zee Ganga₹ 0.59
659Zee Bihar Jharkhand₹ 0.11
660News18 Bihar Jharkhand₹ 0.11
663Zee Biskope₹ 0.11
665Filamchi₹ 0.29

Airtel DTH – Infotainment Channel List

Find out all about the Airtel DTH infotainment channel list, with their channel numbers and prices here:

Channel No.Channel NamePrice + Tax
420DISCOVERY₹ 4.72
421Discovery HD World₹ 9.44
422National Geographic Channel₹ 2.36
423National Geographic Channel HD₹ 16.52
424FOX LIFE₹ 1.18
425Fox Life HD₹ 2.36
427Animal Planet World HD₹ 5.90
428History TV 18₹ 3.54
433History TV 18 HD₹ 8.26
434Nat Geo Wild₹ 1.18
435Nat Geo Wild HD₹ 9.44
438Sony BBC earth₹ 3.54
439Sony BBC earth HD₹ 22.42

Airtel DTH – Kannada Channel List

Looking for the list of Airtel DTH channels in Kannada? Here is the complete Airtel DTH Kannada list:

Channel No.Channel NamePrice + Tax
473Chintu TV₹ 5.90
953UDAYA TV₹ 22.42
954Udaya HD₹ 22.42
956Colors Kannada HD₹ 22.42
957ZEE KANNADA₹ 22.42
958Zee Kannada HD₹ 22.42
959STAR SUVARNA₹ 22.42
962Udaya comedy₹ 7.08
965Colors Super₹ 3.54
969STAR Suvarna Plus₹ 5.90
970UDAYA MOVIES₹ 22.42
972Colors Kannada Cinema₹ 3.54
975Zee Picchar₹ 11.80
978News18 Kannada₹ 0.11
990UDAYA MUSIC₹ 5.90
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Airtel DTH – Kids Channel Number List

The Airtel DTH channel list of Kids channel number and prices is here:

Channel No.Channel NamePrice + Tax
447Nick Junior₹ 1.18
451Pogo₹ 5.01
453HUNGAMA₹ 1.18
455NICK₹ 7.08
456NICK HD+₹ 11.80
457Super Hungama₹ 4.72
458Disney Channel₹ 11.80
460SONIC₹ 2.36
461Discovery Kids₹ 4.13
463Disney Junior₹ 4.72
464Cbeebies₹ 5.90
465Gubbare₹ 3.54
471Sony Yay₹ 3.54
472Kushi TV₹ 4.72
474CHUTTI TV₹ 7.08
475KOCHU TV₹ 5.90

Airtel DTH – Lifestyle Channel List

Always wanted to watch the best lifestyle channels with an Airtel DTH digital TV connection? Here is the Airtel DTH channel list of lifestyle channels:

Channel No.Channel NamePrice + Tax
408TLC₹ 2.36
409TLC World HD₹ 3.54
410GOOD TIMES₹ 1.77
413Zee Zest₹ 1.18
414TRAVELXP SD₹ 3.54

Airtel DTH – Malayalam Channel List

The Airtel DTH Malayalam channel list is here, with channel numbers and their prices:

Channel No.Channel NamePrice + Tax
826Asianet₹ 22.42
827ASIANET HD₹ 22.42
828Surya TV₹ 14.16
832Zee Keralam₹ 11.80
833Zee Keralam HD₹ 11.80
840Flowers TV₹ 11.80
843Asianet Movies₹ 22.42
845Surya Movies₹ 12.98
846Surya Comedy₹ 4.72
855News 18 Kerala₹ 0.11
863Surya Music₹ 4.72

Airtel DTH – Marathi Channel List

Airtel DTH also offers a great selection of Marathi channels. Here is the complete Airtel DTH Marathi channel list with channel numbers and prices:

Channel No.Channel NamePrice + Tax
516ZEE MARATHI₹ 22.42
517Zee Marathi HD₹ 22.42
518Colors MARATHI₹ 11.80
519Colors Marathi HD₹ 20.06
520STAR PRAVAH₹ 22.42
521STAR PRAVAH HD₹ 22.42
522ZEE YUVA₹ 1.18
524Sony Marathi₹ 6.49
527Zee Talkies₹ 10.62
528Zee Talkies HD₹ 22.42
531Pravah Picture₹ 2.36
537News 18 Lokmat₹ 0.11
538Zee 24 Taas₹ 0.11

Airtel DTH – Music Channel Number and Price List

Take a look at the Airtel DTH channel list of music channels:

Channel No.Channel NamePrice + Tax
480MTV₹ 3.54
482MTV Beats₹ 0.11
494Showbox₹ 0.11
496ZOOM₹ 0.59
501Zing₹ 0.11
507VH1₹ 1.18

Airtel DTH – Odia Channel List

Looking for some of the best Odia channels in Airtel DTH? The Airtel DTH Odia channel list is here:

Channel No.Channel NamePrice + Tax
594Tarang₹ 16.52
595Prarthana TV₹ 2.36
596Zee Sarthak₹ 22.42
597Star Kiran₹ 14.16
600SIDHARTH TV₹ 16.52
601Alankar₹ 4.72
603News18 Oriya₹ 0.11

Airtel DTH – Punjabi Channel List

Airtel DTH Punjabi channel list with the channel number and channel prices is here:

Channel No.Channel NamePrice + Tax
556Zee Punjabi₹ 11.80
562ZEE PUNJABI₹ 0.11

Airtel DTH – Sports Channel Number List

Here are the Airtel DTH channel list of sports channels, which includes Star Sports channel numbers, Ten Sports channel numbers and more:
Channel No.Channel NamePrice + Tax
277Star Sports 1₹ 22.42
278Star Sports 1 HD₹ 22.42
279Star Sports 2₹ 4.72
280Star Sports 2 HD₹ 22.42
281Star Sports 1 Hindi₹ 22.42
282Star Sports 1 HD Hindi₹ 22.42
283Star Sports Select 1₹ 22.42
284Star Sports Select 2₹ 8.26
285SONY SPORTS TEN 1₹ 22.42
286SONY SPORTS TEN 1 HD₹ 22.42
287SONY SPORTS TEN 2₹ 20.06
288SONY SPORTS TEN 2 HD₹ 22.42
289SONY SPORTS TEN 3₹ 20.06
290SONY SPORTS TEN 3 HD₹ 22.42
291SONY SPORTS TEN 5₹ 22.42
292SONY SPORTS TEN 5 HD₹ 22.42
293SPORTS18-1₹ 9.44
294SPORTS18 – 1 HD₹ 11.80
300Star Sports Select 1 HD₹ 22.42
301Star Sports Select 2 HD₹ 11.80
304Eurosport₹ 4.13
305Eurosport HD₹ 6.49
306Star Sports 3₹ 2.36
3071SPORTS₹ 4.72
738Star Sports Bangla 1₹ 22.42
803Star Sports 1 Tamil₹ 22.42
804SONY SPORTS TEN 4₹ 20.06
928Star Sports 1 Telugu₹ 22.42
974Star Sports 1 Kannada₹ 22.42
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Airtel DTH – Tamil Channel List

The Tamil TV industry is immensely popular. Here is all about the Airtel DTH Tamil channel list that you were looking for:

Channel No.Channel NamePrice + Tax
748RAJ Digital Plus₹ 1.88
750Mega TV₹ 3.54
751ZEE TAMIZH₹ 22.42
752Zee Tamil HD₹ 22.42
754Sun TV₹ 22.42
755SUN HD₹ 22.42
756KTV₹ 22.42
757KTV HD₹ 22.42
758STAR VIJAY₹ 22.42
759Vijay HD₹ 22.42
762Jaya TV₹ 7.08
763Colors Tamil₹ 3.54
764Colors Tamil HD₹ 8.26
765Raj TV₹ 4.72
769ADITHYA₹ 10.62
774Sun Life₹ 10.62
775Zee Thirai₹ 11.80
777Mega 24₹ 1.18
780J Movies₹ 2.65
782News18 Tamil Nadu₹ 0.11
789Sun News₹ 1.18
790Jaya Plus₹ 0.59
794Raj News Tamil₹ 0.33
798D Tamil₹ 4.13
807Mega Musiq₹ 2.36
809Sun Music₹ 7.08
810Sun Music HD₹ 22.42
811JAYA MAX₹ 2.65
813Raj Musix Tamil₹ 1.65
829Surya HD₹ 22.42
835Asianet Plus₹ 8.26

Airtel DTH – Telugu Channel List

The Airtel DTH Telugu channel list with the complete set of Telugu channels on an Airtel DTH connection is here:

Channel No.Channel NamePrice + Tax
877Gemini TV₹ 22.42
878GEMINI TV HD₹ 22.42
879ETV₹ 22.42
880ETV HD₹ 22.42
881Star MAA TV₹ 22.42
882Star MAA HD₹ 24.78
883ZEE TELUGU₹ 22.42
884Zee Telugu HD₹ 22.42
885Gemini comedy₹ 5.90
887STAR MAA GOLD₹ 8.26
889ETV PLUS₹ 12.98
893Gemini Life₹ 5.90
895Gemini Movies₹ 20.06
896Gemini Movies HD₹ 22.42
897STAR Maa Movies₹ 22.42
898Star Maa Movies HD₹ 22.42
899ETV Cinema₹ 15.34
900Zee Cinemalu₹ 11.80
901Zee Cinemalu HD₹ 18.88
904ETV 2₹ 2.36
916ETV Telangana₹ 2.36
931Gemini Music HD₹ 22.42
932STAR Maa Music₹ 4.72
938ETV Life₹ 2.36
939ETV Abhiruchi₹ 3.54

Airtel DTH – Urdu Channel Number and Price

Here is the Airtel DTH Urdu channel number and price list:

Channel No.Channel NamePrice + Tax
622Zee Salaam₹ 0.11
Recharge your Airtel DTH connection now and never miss a moment of your favourite shows and movies!


If you are looking for the Airtel DTH channel list with number PDF, then you can go check it out as well. Thus, we hope now you can find your favourite channel quite easily with your Airtel TV remote. In addition, you can also troubleshoot any issues with your set top box if your Airtel DTH is not working.

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